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The area surrounding Kvikkjokk is home to a large variety of different nature types. Here you can find, for example, delta lands, primeval forests, low- and high alpine mountains. This allows for a variety of day trips with different levels of difficulty.

The lake system with the two river delta is well suited for canoe paddling. There are canoes available for rental at the Kvikkjokk mountain lodge.

Suggested day trips:

Prince Hill. Perfect for a day trip. A classic hike with a fantastic view.

Nammatj. Kvikkjokk"s outlook mountain with a lovely view over the delta and the lower parts of the Tarra Valley.

Snjerak. A smaller mountain area with a grand view towards Sarek. Perfect for a short day trip.

Mill Pond. Beautiful forrest ponds at the old mill in Kvikkjokk.

Kamajokk and Änok.  Book a guided tour of the delta or rent a canoe and travel through winding canals and lagoons.

Vallespiken. A classic but demanding day trip. Also suited for a overnight trip with a tent.

Kaskaivo. A fantastic but demanding day hike to Kvikkjokk"s most characteristic mountain.

Trail to Årrenjarka. A nice, but longer, day trip to the neighbouring village. Take the bus back.

Kamjokk and Änok. Nice day trip along the Kamajokk rapids towards the next delta land.

Bridal veilThe fall is located a few kilometers from Kvikkjokk. Get there by bus or car.

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