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It is a beautiful but demanding hike. The hike from the lush area near the Tarra river and up to the peak is an ascent of 1000 meters. There is a rich flora and fauna on Kaskaivo and the peak offers a fantastic view.

The hike to Kaskaivo starts at the Padjelanta trail. At the stream Vallebäcken the Kaskaivo trail departs and follows the stream upstream to the canyon and then continues steeply trough the old forest up on the mountain. The trail stops in the birch forest and the last part up to the peak has no clearly marked trail. On the way back the trail is usually found again a bit further down in the birch forest.

The climb of Kaskaivo and back to the start of the Padjelanta trail is 22 km and takes about 12 hours. It is a demanding hike that requires prior experience of navigating in terrain without trails.

During winter there is no trail.

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