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Kamajokk is a three kilometer long river flowing from two delta lands north of Kvikkjokk. It rushes past just below Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge on its way down to the Tarra river.

The water has a gray-green tint during summer due to the glacial sludge that is transported down from the glaciers in the Pårte massif. The water levels can vary by three meters between the low and high levels.

To hike up to the delta lands north of Kvikkjokk the easiest route is to use the old so called material path that runs in parallel with the river. This path is easy to walk and goes partially over a clearcutting and partially in Kamajokk nature reserve. The reserve, which is located on both sides of the river, is composed mostly of old pine forest and block terrain on the eastern side. During the hike you have a view towards the Pårte massif in Sarek and Vallespiken in the Tarrekaise massif.

After five kilometers the trail reaches the Änok delta land which is surrounded by old primeval mountain forest. Up until the 1950s there used to be hay meadows here. 

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