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At Kvikkjokk the Tarra River joins the Kamajokk rapids and builds a unique and lush two-river delta. The delta is among the most interesting thing Kvikkjokk has to offer.

It is located in the lowest valley of the mountain range and gives a protected position which favors a rich flora and fauna. In the delta there are lagoons, ponds, chanels, meadows, areas of deciduous trees and wetlands. Sediments from the glaciers in Sarek is transported by the river and deposited in the delta which is always changing. It’s shape is also affected by the shifting water levels that can differ by as much as 3 meter between the low and high levels.

The vegetation in the delta is lush and with the surrounding mountain ranges visible this creates a rather unique scenery.

There are guided tours available with local guides that gives the participants information about the flora, fauna, geology and cultural history of the region during the tour. It is also possible to rent canoes at the mountain station for those inclined to explore the delta on their own.

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