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Nammatj is located in the far end of lower Tarra Valley, near Kvikkjokk. The delta land is spreading out just below the mountain. Of all the mountains near Kvikkjokk, Nammatj is the easiest to climb.

In the Jokkmokk mountains there are four mountains with the name Nammatj. They are all isolated mountains located in the beginning of valleys. From the peak of Nammatj in Kvikkjokk at 658 meters above sea level you have the best view of the delta land and of the Kvikkjokk village itself.

The peaks isolated location also promises great view in towards the Tarra Valley and the surrounding mountains.

The hike begins with a boat ride over the lake to the path that is located on the north side of the mountain. The complete tour from where the boat stops and to the top and back is 5 km and takes about two hours.

During winter there is no marked trail.

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