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The trail up to the Prince Hill is a fairly easy hike and was established during the 17th century by miners on their way to the silver mines in Padjelanta and Sarek. The view from the top over Pårte in Sarek, Tarrekaise massif and the Kvikkjokk delta is magnificent.

The Prince Hill, 749 meters, is located on the ridge of Vallevare. It is a classic hike that begins with a short boat ride over the river Kamajokk. The start of the trail passes by the site where Kvikkjokk was founded. In 1732, Carl von Linné hiked this trail during his large Lapland expedition.

From the Prince Hill the hiker has the whole connected mountain range ahead. Continuing along Vallevarre the hiker comes to Vallevagge and Vallespiken. This is a popular way into Padjelanta and Sarek.

The round trip from Kvikkjokk to the Prince Hill is about 7 km and takes between 3 - 4 hours.

During winter there is no clearly marked trail.

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