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Snjerak is a low alpine area with three peaks. It is located just east of Kvikkjokk. The most popular peak, Lulep Snjerak, 808 meters above sea level, offers a beautiful view over the Pårte massif in Sarek, the Kvikkjokk delta land and the Tarrekaise massif.

The trail continues to the highest peak, 884 m.a.s.l. From here the view is also stunning and covers more of the surroundings. On the mountain between the peaks is a little cabin next to a pond where you can rest.

The trail is a bit rocky at places and can be a bit wet when the streams overflow. There are two shelters along the trail. The complete circuit to the top and back is 10 km, with an ascent of 500 meters from Kvikkjokk.

The trail to Snjerak is also available during winter and then it is possible to walk on the snowmobile tracks.

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