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From a distance Vallespiken resembles a pyramid. It"s peak is 1322 meters above sealevel. From Kvikkjokk it is a ascent  of 1000 meters and a day trip of 30 km. To do the hike back and forth in one day requires good physical condition.

 It is also a suitable two day trip with a tent. Vallevare is a popular route for hikers that are heading to Sarek or Padjelanta.

 The hike is one of the classics since the mountain hiking tourism started in the area. The tour starts with a ascent to the Prince Hill Vallevare is flat and easily hiked. The last two kilometers to the peak is a rocky 500 meter ascent. The view from the top is fantastic with the Sarek peaks to the north and the rest of the Tarrekaise massif southwest.

 During winter there is no marked trail to the top.

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