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Hellsten Hotels Group took over the ownership and management of Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge on May 1st 2010. However, the station will still be franchised by STF (Svenska Turistföreningen) and no noticeable or altering changes will be made immediately. The hostel will stay open as usual in the summer time and STF will manage the station in the winter time.

During the autumn, we will drill for therminal heating. Hellsten Hotels views this action as a necessity towards becoming a long term hotel operator in Kvikkjokk and Lapland, investing both time and money in sustainable energy sources. We will also carry out the necessary refurbishments in all bathrooms, as well as the sauna. Some painting is required as well. Starting after the summer season, additional refurbishments will be carried out.
Plans for the summer will be made in May and plans for the future will be made this summer.

The Hostel
The newer part of the mountain station, built in the 1960’s and what we call “Vandrarhemmet” (the Hostel), shall be refurbished and isolated during next winter. A new, large sauna will also be installed.

The Hotel
The older area of the mountain station shall undergo a careful and discrete upgrade towards reaching hotel standards. This part will then be named The Hotel.
Our aim and ambition is, apart from giving the mountain station an upswing, also to extend the peak season through developing extreme tourism to Kvikkjokk. There are many possibilities and exciting phenomena to be explored in the area.


Storvägen 19, 962 02, Kvikkjokk,, tel: +46 971 210 22