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There are several mountain tops near Kvikkjokk, which makes the village an optimal starting point for short day trips – Vallespiken, Sjnerak, Prinskullen and Nammásj are just a few worth mentioning. From the top of the mountains, you will have an enchanting view of the village, the rest of the Kvikkjokk area with the lush delta and all the way over to the national park of Sarek.

The lake, with its exciting delta, is a very valued area and quite suitable for canoeing. Canoes can be rented in Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge. Guided boat tours can be arranged on the delta, as well as to the other side, Kamajokk, to the old parts of Kvikkjokk. Here, there are ruins from the original Kvikkjokk, which was a thriving village in the mid 17th century. Tours can also be made to the new parts of the Kamajokk nature reserve, an ancient (250-300 years) renowned forest.

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