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Open 2020:
Winter season 22 February – 7 April (early season closure due to covid-19)
Summer Season 17 June – 19 September

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Kvikkjokk is at the end of the road, 74 miles from Jokkmokk. The county traffic in Norrbotten has bus services to and from Kvikkjokk. You can find the Mountain Station by following the main road past the church.

For train journeys visit

For bus traffic and more detailed travel planning call: Länstrafiken in Norrbotten ( 0771-100110 or visit

Free parking is available near the Mountain Station.

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation
Storvägen 19
962 02 Kvikkjokk

Phone: tel: +46 (0) 97121022

About Kvikkjokk Fjällstation

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation – early season closure due to covid-19 Kvikkjokk Fjällstation participates in the efforts in minimizing the spread of the novel corona virus, and…

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  RESTAURANT During the summer season, the restaurant serves a three-course menu and a drink menu specially designed to suit it. We also have á…

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