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Kvikkjokk – One of Lapland’s most beautiful spots. An excellent starting point for simple day trips or more challenging hikes.

Kvikkjokk is situated well into the forest of Lapland – at the end of the road. If in search for real wilderness, as well as nature’s true beauty, paying Kvikkjokk a visit is an absolute must. There are two massive national parks bordering to Kvikkjokk, Padjelanta and Sarek. Together with Stora Sjöfallet, these areas form Laponia – a world heritage site founded in 1995 by UNESCO.

Already in the 18th century, Carl von Linné went on an expedition to Kvikkjokk, where he collected and categorized the areas’ flora. When he reached the majestic landscape of Lapland, he was taken aback by the beauty and silence of the mountains.

The mountain station in Kvikkjokk was built in 1928 and has had the honor of hosting kings, writers and other historic figures on their mountain hikes throughout the years. The walls whisper of their heritage and times gone by.

Kvikkjokk Mountain Lodge is a certified member of STF (Svenska Turistföreningen). The facility consists of two buildings, one being the original timber house with open fireplaces and cozy recreational areas. There are 60 beds in total, divided in rooms of 2 or 4 beds. Apart from accommodation facilities, we offer breakfast and a few simple dinner courses. Group lunches and dinners can be ordered in advance and we are fully licensed


CONTACT/FIND US Opening hours 2019: Open during winter and summer season. Find us Kvikkjokk is at the end of the road, 74 miles from Jokkmokk….

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FAQ Reception, shop and rental What is the open hours for the reception and shop? The opening hours for the reception and shop may vary….

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HISTORY The little chapel town Kvikkjokk by the lake Saggat was in Linnés time the “central city” in this part of Lapland, mainly due to…

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