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The little chapel town Kvikkjokk by the lake Saggat was in Linnés time the “central city” in this part of Lapland, mainly due to the interest in the silver ore found in the mountains north of Kvikkjokk. Mining operations were conducted in the 17th century. In addition to Linné, Olof Rudbeck visited Kvikkjokk during his research trips.

A long time later, Jokkmokk (74 miles downstream of Lilla Luleälv) took over as the important central place. Linnés visit to Kvikkjokk in 1732 contributed to the interest of Swedish Tourist Association to place an activity there, but also the earlier perception that Sulitelma was Sweden’s highest mountain.

The tourist association has much of its earliest history in the area. Year 1887 the first hikin trails was cleared with Kvikkjokk as a starting point. They headed up to Sjnjierák and Vallespiken, and today they are popular hike day trips in Kvikkjokk. A year later, Swedish Tourist Association also built its very first cabin, Varvekhyddan, halfway between Kvikkjokk and Sulitelma. On that trail was also the Tarraälvshyddan building that was built today. It is located approximately one kilometer downstream bridge over the Tarra River between Tarrekaise and Sommarlapp cabin.

In Kvikkjokk, Swedish Tourist Association year 1928 established Kvikkjokk Fjällstation as the end point for the royal battle that the Swedish Tourist Association many years earlier planned to clear from Abisko and the south through the most beautiful parts of Laplands mountains. As always, the Swedish Tourist Association “own” architect John Åkerlund was responsible for the drawings.


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