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Reception, shop and rental

What is the open hours for the reception and shop?
The opening hours for the reception and shop may vary. For exact opening hours call the reception at 0971-210 22.

What does the shop offer?
The store has a mixed range of food; both fresh produce and dry goods, as well as some outdoor gadgets. You can find a lot of what you need for your mountain excursion. We have maps, mosquito repellent, mosquito hats, gas, fuel and gasoline for outdoor cooking.

What can I rent?
We have snow shoes, field kitchens, sleeping bags, lighter sleeping bags for use in cabins, etc. Our range of rental items is limited. We currently have no ski sleds for rent. Please contact us to know exactly what’s available, tel. 0971-210 22, info@kvikkjokkfjallstation.se


Food and beverages

What’s on the breakfast buffet?
Our breakfast buffet includes a variety of good things such as traditional Swedish sour milk, yogurt, porridge, different cereals and homemade bread with lots of toppings. Of course we serve eggs, juice, coffee and tea.

What is included in the lunch package?
You make your own sandwiches and you get a fruit, a bag of a raisin, mixed nuts, some chocolate and a cinnamon bun. You choose between different soups, coffee, tea and chocolate powder if you have a thermos with you. Feel free to leave the thermos with us the night before so we can make sure it is filled with warm water in the morning before going out on your trip.

Is there a lunch service?
During high season lunch is served, the house’s hamburger and light meals between 12:00 and 16:00. During the off season, lunch can be pre-booked, no later than the day before arrival.

Is there any dinner service?
Every evening during the high season a three-course dinner is served. You can also choose dishes from our à la carte menu. Special food is no problem, just inform us in advance. During the low season, à la carte dishes are served.

Should the meals be pre-booked?
Our breakfast you have to pre-book. We appreciate if you pre-book your dinner as well but it is no requirement. If you have a large group you should pre-book for the best service and to be guaranteed seats.

Can I cook my own food?
We have a well-equipped self-catering kitchen that you are free to use. The kitchen is aquipped with a refrigerator and freezer for storing your food during your stay. Mark your food with your room number and departure date.

I have allergies and want to eat in the restaurant. Is it possible?
Yes, we have alternatives, except for trace and air allergies.

I am a vegetarian/vegan, can I eat in the restaurant?
We have both vegetarian and vegan options.



How do I book my ticket to Kvikkjokk?
If you travel by train and bus the best alternative is to book a train ticket (book both of the tickets through the train company). The train company is responsible for missed connections between train and bus when the train is delayed. See www.sj.se for more information.

When does the bus depart and return to/from Kvikkjokk?
Bus 94 travels daily during the peak season between Kvikkjokk and the train station in Murjek, via Jokkmokk. During winter and the off season, bus 47 travels once a day Mon – Fri. For more information go to www.ltnbd.se or call the traffic information on 0771-100 110.

How is the connections between train and flight for traveling to Kvikkjokk?
It depends on during what season your trip is planned. During the high season the bus traffic is adapted to the train traffic. For information about the bus routes between the airports and Kvikkjokk go to www.ltnbd.se or call the traffic information on 0771-100 110.

The nearest airports are:
Gällivare airport – 124 miles. http://www.gellivare.se/Projekt/Lapland-Airport/. Airline NextJet, www.nextjet.se
Luleå airport – 180 miles. http://www.swedavia.se/lulea/. Airline SAS, www.sas.se and Norwegian, www.norwegian.com
Arvidsjaur airport – 167 miles. http://www.ajr.nu/. Airline NextJet, www.nextjet.se

For taxi between Kvikkjokk and Jokkmokk it is 74 miles. For booking a taxi please contact Jokkmokks Taxi, http://jokkmokkstaxi.se or call on 0971-55120

For train journeys, please contact SJ, www.sj.se or call on 0771-75 75 75

When does the boat go to and from Padjelantaleden, Kungsleden south and Vallevare?
Departure and arrival times vary during low and high season. It is possible to book transport even outside the season. Contact the boat driver Björn Sarstad on mobile 070-205 31 93 or Helena Adolfsson on mobile 073-800 62 32 or visit www.battrafikikvikkjokk.se

How far is it to the boat dock from the mountain station?
It is about 200 meters.

Can you get car transport to/from the helicopter airport?
Yes, we drive our guests if transportation is desired. You book the transport in advance.

Who should I contacted to book a helicopter transport in the area?
Contact Fiskflyg on 072-512 77 70 or visit there website www.fiskflyg.se.

Is it possible to book snowmobile transport?
Snowmobile ride can be ordered by Björn Sarstad at mobile phone 070-2053193 or Helena Adolfsson on mobile phone 073-8006232 or visit www.battrafikikvikkjokk.se

How far is it between the bus stop and the mountain station?
It is about 150 meters. The bus stop is located along Kvikkjokk’s main road, at the church in the middle of the village.


Other Services

Can I bring my dog to the mountain station?
It is allowed to bring your dog to us. We recommend that you pre-book your accommodation if you bring your dog, as there is a limited number of rooms that are dog-allowed.

Can I have my dog in public areas?
No, you can’t bring the dog into the public areas for allergy reasons.

Do you have Internet?
We have free Wi-Fi for our guests in the public areas in the main building. There is also a guest computer to borrow. Other guests can redeem a ticket with different amounts of data for access to the network, depending on needs. There is only mobile broadband available in Kvikkjokk, therefore there are certain limitations. 

Where is the car parking?
You can park on the villages main road which passes through the village and ends at a parking lot. Between the parking lot and Kvikkjokk Fjällstation there is a road that is approximately 60 meters long. 

Do you have parking for trailer camps?
No. For questions about trailer camp parking in Kvikkjokk, contact Jokkmokks local athourity on  0971-170 00

Can you send packages to Kvikkjokk Fjällstation for a later pick up?
Yes, it’s ok to send packages. Mark it with your name and when you think you will collect it. Depending on the amount of time, if you are a guest or not, we charge a small fee for cargo handling. Bus goods (www.bussgods.se) is preferred instead of mail packages.


The mountain

Do you sell maps of the area?
Yes, we sell both Lantmäteriets maps and Calazos maps that are produced specially for outdoor weather. We have maps for the whole area.

Does my cell phone have any service?
Only Telia’s network has full coverage in Kvikkjokk. A certain expansion has taken place during the autumn of 2017, which allows for some service with other operators. Do not expect to call anywhere, in the mountain world there is no service, satellite telephones exceptionally. Emergency telephones are available in all cottages, but may only be used in case of emergency.

What opening hours do the mountain cabins have?
We have different opening hours for each cottage and area. For the STF cabins, go to www.svenskaturistforeningen.se and for the cottages in Padjelanta National Park go to www.padjelanta.com

Can I pre-book beds in the cabins?
The mountain cabins can’t be booked in advance. But everyone who gets there gets a place, even if it is full!

How is the weather?
The weather is changing rapidly on the mountains, for a while it may be sunny and in the next moment it can be rain or full snowstorm. For a more detailed weather forecast see www.smhi.se. But it is rare that the longer forecasts are correct. Pack your backpack for all kind of weather.

When is the low and high tide in the mountains?
That’s a tricky question. For the most part, the tide is controlled by the amount of rainfall. Rain can provide high water flows even in September. The snow melting on the mountains give a lot of water when it is warn and/or rain. A tip for wading is that if it does not rain, it is usually lower water levels in the streams in the morning because the snow melting decreases during the nights.

When is the mosquito season?
Mosquito feeds on flower nectar, therefore the season is between Midsummer until mid August. How many vary a lot from year to year, between different days and different locations. But the bare mountain is usually a more mosquito-free area.

Do you sell fishing licenses and where can you go fishing?
There are several fishing waters in the Kvikkjok area. We sell the County Administrative Board’s fishing license. For more information about fishing see www.lansstyrelsen.se/norrbotten, or call the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten County on 0920-960 00.

Do you sell accommodation tickets to the cabins in Padjelanta National Park?
Yes, because the cabins in Padjelanta National Park can’t take card payments, you can choose to rent log cabins at Kvikkjokk Fjällstation. For more information go to www.padjelanta.com

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